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17 de July de 2023

Real Estate Virtual Tours

360 virtual tourThe creation of virtual tours is also one of Serviturismo’s specialities. We offer this service to private individuals and professionals in all fields like real estate, shops, industry, etc.).

A virtual tour is a high quality technological tool that allows you to visit a place without having to go there yourself.

For individuals, we offer much more than just photos. We offer a spectacular interactive 360° virtual tour to help you sell/rent your property faster and easier.

For professionals, we bring our expertise to give your clients a new channel to view your property and reach outside buyers. Prospective buyers have access to all parts of the property for sale or rent without having to visit the showroom. This gives them a first impression and allows them to plan ahead. You retain exclusive rights to your properties and, of course, your clients remain your clients. Please ask for details.

Virtual tour benefits

    • Visits without you 24/7 via smartphone, tablet and computer.
    • Increase your sales potential (buyers from other regions & from abroad). Faster sales/rental decisions.
    • Fewer on-site visits. Optimise your time.
    • Access to a virtual tour of a property is considered to be the most important service for property buyers.
    • Reduce disruption and unnecessary visits.
    • High quality virtual tour.
    • Possibility of integration with Google Street View map. This technology is now widely used by professionals who welcome the public. It helps to improve their visibility. The Google Map / Google Street View application is widely used throughout the world and allows millions of people to discover your business. Contact us for details.

What does our offer include?

You own your virtual tour.

  • Free for 1 year, we will provide you a web link to view your virtual tour on any phone, tablet or PC.
  • A USB flash drive will contain the same virtual tour in HTML format and a video of your virtual tour in mp4 format.

To access your virtual tour, simply copy and paste or share the link we provide and that’s it. Prospective buyers can access the tour by simply clicking on the link.
If you’d like to integrate your virtual tour into your website, the HTML files on the USB key will work perfectly. Information available on request.

See a virtual tour in action...


Virtual Tour

225 €

Up to 15 hotspots* included.

Virtual visit video in MP4 format.

Standard Menu.

1 language.

Hosting on our servers for 1 year.

Hotspots *

10 € / hotspot *

Additional hotspot*.


30 €

Add your logo to the nadir of each photosphere.

Virtual tour hosting

48 € / year

Hosting of your virtual tour on our servers after the first year.

Google Street View

75 €

Integration of the virtual tour into Google Street View.


50 €

Addition of an extra language.


100 €

15 High Dynamic Range (HDR) high-resolution images.

10 € / additional photo.

2D Plan option

100 €

Creation of a schematic 2D plan from the data collected during the digitisation of the space.

Adding elements

5 € / element

Add clickable elements that can contain text, images, videos or links.

Discounts are available depending on the number of spaces digitised. Please contact us for more details.
Prices include travel up to 15Km from our office (0.6€/Km thereafter).
If you wish to continue hosting your virtual tour on our servers, please note that a fee of €4/month will be charged for the 2nd year onwards.

* A hotspot is a clickable area allowing you to move around the virtual tour. In short, each hotspot represents a 360° photo. To estimate the number of hotspots required for a property, count 2 hotspots per door (before and after) and add 1 to 4 hotspots depending on the size of the room.

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