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In this blog you can find news about the tourist market of the Costa de Almería, as well as information that ServiTurismo provide you.

Real Estate Virtual Tours
The creation of virtual tours is also one of Serviturismo’s specialities. We offer this service to private individuals and professionals in all fields like real estate, shops, industry, [...]
Jul 17, 2023 Category: Virtual Tours
Beaches and amazing places in Carboneras
Carboneras is a town in the province of Almeria, in Andalusia (Spain) with 7500 inhabitants. It covers an area of 95 km² with a population density of 76.5 inhabitants/km². The village is located [...]
Feb 03, 2023 Category: Visit Carboneras, Almeria, Andalusia
Energy Efficiency Certificate
From Saturday 1st June 2013, all properties in Spain that are to be sold or rented for more than 4 months must have an Energy Efficiency Certificate. The owner is responsible for providing it.
Feb 02, 2023 Category: Useful Information
Sell your property – Do’s and don’ts.
A neat appearance, a good profile picture and a description of your strengths, it’s not about a person, it’s about your house. In a job interview, the objective is to sell yourself. [...]
Feb 25, 2022 Category: Useful Information
Tourism Registry
Decree 28/2016 about the Tourist Rental Licences in Andalusia.‎ ‎Please, bear in mind that, ‎since May 12, 2016, in order to use your property for tourist rental, it must be registered in the [...]
Jan 21, 2016 Category: Useful Information