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21 de January de 2016

Tourism Registry

Decree 28/2016 about the Tourist Rental Licences in Andalusia.‎

‎Please, bear in mind that, ‎since May 12, 2016, in order to use your property for tourist rental, it must be registered in the Tourist Registry of Andalusia and obtain the registration number that certifies it.

The most important part of the legislation relates to the requirement that all properties that are let for holiday vacations must be inscribed in a Tourism Registry. The Decree provides that inspections will take place and that the owners of any property in which this activity is taking place, and that is not registered, will be liable to a fine of between 2001 € to 18,000 €.
Summing up, anyone advertising a property in Andalucía for vacation lettings should register the property in the Tourism Registry immediately to avoid sanctions, unless it is believed that one of the exceptions mentioned in the legislation applies.

Read the information brochure in PDF format (in Spanish).

For more information on the procedures, you can consult the following website: ‎‎Andalusia Tourism Registry‎

Service offer :‎

‎We remind you that our agency ServiTurismo-Carboneras offers our owners the service of carrying out all the necessary procedures for the registration of their property in the Andalusian Tourism Registry. ‎‎
If you want more information about this service (requirements and prices), please contact us.‎

Request a quote from our agency ServiTurismo-Carboneras‎ ‎ ‎‎(With the invoice, these are expenses can be deducted from rental income on their Hacienda tax return)‎.

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