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25 de February de 2022

Sell your property – Do’s and don’ts.

Sell my house

A neat appearance, a good profile picture and a description of your strengths, it’s not about a person, it’s about your house. In a job interview, the objective is to sell yourself. This is the appropriate way to deal with potential buyers. However, “the owner himself is, in many cases, the biggest obstacle to a successful sale”, the lack of experience and emotional charge involved in selling his house delays the transaction and ends up selling below its price.

So ServiTurismo offers you the “Eight Deadly Sins” to avoid when selling a house.

1.-Pricing above the market.

“Houses that are initially offered at a higher price than the market, end up selling for less than the market price.” The explanation is simple, the first month of showing is when your property is most visible. If you overprice it, you will lose buyers.

2.-Not having the necessary documents.

Legal problems are often one of the main reasons that disrupt the sale. Therefore, make sure you have all the documents ready.

3.-Excessively overloaded or personal decoration.

Buyers do not have to share your taste in decoration. The best option is to present the house as depersonalised as possible. Try to highlight the strengths of your property in order to make it easier for visitors to imagine living in it.

4.-Show the house in bad condition.

It is important to clean, repair small damages and show the house at times when it has more natural light.

5.-Do not want to negotiate.

In this area negotiation is common. But it’s one thing that there is room for negotiation, and it’s another thing to increase the cost by 20%, or on the contrary to ask for a 20% reduction.

6.-Reject the first offer.

Selling the house quickly does not mean selling it badly. This belief is widespread and yet, “the longer it stays on the market, the lower the price will be”, explains the Red Inmobiliaria No. 1. Furthermore, buyers tend to be wary of properties that have been for sale for months. Their first thought will be “there is a problem”.
In short, do not reject the first offer hoping that a better offer will come.

7.-Photos that do not highlight your property.

Poor photos and videos quality are still common. They allow you to enter any real estate portal but no one will look at these types of announcements. In our opinion, hiring a photographer is not spending money, but for those who don’t want to do so, pay special attention to to cleaning and tidying up your property, looking for a right framing, the right light, the best angle is at eye level and showing as much space as possible. Don’t skimp on the amount of images. Take pictures of the immediate environment and if possible add the property plan.

8.-Unrealistic advertising.

Lies die short, and while a well-crafted description can be great for attracting potential buyers, if it’s misleading, it will only prolong the sale.


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